Your logo is often the first impression someone gets of your business. Does it effectively communicate your brand and the company that you want to start building?

Often, business owners will come to us with their own sketches and ideas of what they want their logo to look like. Our graphic designers take those ideas along with what they know about the business and target audience to come up with logo designs that resonate.

When thinking about your logo design, it’s important to keep a few things in mind if you want a logo that will work for you. Here are three principles for a great business logo design.

1) Keep it Simple

This is probably the most overlooked logo design principle for small business owners. It’s easy to assume that your logo needs to have graphics of every single thing that your business does. This is a bad idea!

Think about some of the most well-known logos like Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s. They work great because they are simple and instantly recognizable…they stand out from other brands!

Keeping your logo simple will also help it translate well to any medium. Think about all of the places that your logo will be showcased…Signs, Business Cards, Websites, Social Media, Pens, etc. Sure, a logo with several elements may look great on a T-shirt, but translated onto a small pen, the design will easily get lost!



2) Make it Timeless

Your logo is one of the most important elements of your brand identity. It should be relevant to today’s modern society, but designed to last years and years. Yes, you can always make slight adjustments to your logo in the future, but the more timeless it is, the better it will be for your presence overall.

Making your logo timeless includes avoiding super trendy fonts or graphical elements just because they are “cute.”

3) Send a Message

Every business design should start with your target audience in mind. What will resonate and be most memorable to them? The font, icon, and colors you choose for your logo all communicate something about your business and how you operate.

Do a simple google search for how certain colors influence emotions. You’ll want to make sure the colors you choose for your brand are influencing your customers to trust your business, and ultimately, buy from you! Too often, business owners want a certain color in their logo simply because it’s their favorite…or they think it looks cool.

Every design decision communicates something! If you’re working with a graphic designer to create your logo, consider coming up with a list of words about your business that you want your target audience to know. Examples may include: Honest, Clean, High-End, Whimsical, Hard-working, Fashionable, etc.

There are many other things to consider when designing a great business logo, but these three principles will give you a great start! If you are interested in having help with your logo or brand identity, give Barnyard Marketing a call. Our team of graphic designers and marketers will be happy to help!